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Criminal Defense Overview

Experienced Defense for Your Santa Barbara Criminal Case

A conviction for committing a crime can result in severe penalties, including incarceration and heavy fines. Many sex-related crimes will also require sex offender registration, while offenses such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in license revocation. Another consequence when there is a guilty verdict in a misdemeanor or felony case is a criminal record that can limit your employment options and housing opportunities. If this is your third criminal conviction, you can even end up spending the rest of your life in prison. Just being arrested for a criminal offense can damage your reputation and strain relationships with family and friends.

If you are facing criminal charges, your choice of an attorney is one of the most important decisions you are facing right now. You will need an experienced, trial-tested Santa Barbara criminal defense lawyer who can build a strong defense in order to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

Santa Barbara Criminal Defense Lawyer

My name is Adam L. Pearlman, I have over 25+ Years of experience in criminal defense and over 9 years of experience as a District Attorney. During this time I was involved in 1,000 criminal cases with a 90% prosecution success rate. I have extensive jury experience, and have conducted more than 100 preliminary and sentencing hearings.

I know how the prosecution thinks and makes decisions, and can provide capable criminal defense representation in cases involving:

When you have been arrested for a crime, your future is at considerable risk. I am intimately familiar with prosecution tactics and strategies, and know how to skillfully challenge their case. Whenever possible, I will competently negotiate for reduced charges or case dismissal, and aggressively pursue reduced or alternative sentencing.

Contact a qualified Santa Barbara criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Adam L. Pearlman if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

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